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Why bake?

Why bake? Well go back with me to a house with 5 kids two bedrooms and only one bathroom! (Mom and Dad had their own bed and bath, how fair is that?) what does that equal?


There never was a time when things weren’t hectic, scrambled and a little overwhelming. I watched one sister mix up the salt and sugar in chocolate chip cookies. I tasted another’s brownies with a CUP of vinegar to change milk into buttermilk. Yech! Someone even set the kitchen on fire while making the elusive homemade donut. I myself cooked butter too long and made a non-stick pan…well… sticky! It seemed like it was the hardest thing on the planet.

Cooking, baking…too hard… I mean if God wanted us to use the stove, why did he invent the microwave?

It didn’t seem any easier as I grew older. Then one day after a horrible break up where my future seemed sealed off, I was sitting on the kitchen floor trying to figure it out. I started organizing my mothers pantry ( ok so I stayed home longer than most and I’m a little OCD) I saw a box of cake mix. Eggs, butter, water…..that’s it??? What was I so scared of?

I got off the floor and pulled out some pans. Followed the directions and BAM … Cake.

Something in my life came out exactly like it was supposed to. I followed the direction and got a yummy treat in return. Who Knew?! I haven’t looked back. I graduated from that boxed cake and learned to follow more intricate instruction and still get the desired result.

To this day, much to family, friend, and co-workers delight, when I get stressed I BAKE!!!

Ok don’t return my kid on time from visitation, they’ll just return home to brownies, cookies and cheesecake….tell me I have to wait for test results…..my kids teachers and class just got cupcakes…

I started changing up recipes as I figured out how to make it more to my taste. I discovered that more and more people shared my taste and wanted my recipe. I even had someone tell me they had a taste for a brownie and bought one, but it wasn’t the same… His taste was for my brownies..Wowzers!!

Then the final piece to the puzzle… My husband signed me up for a cake decorating class. It opened a whole new world of creation for me.

So why bake? For sanity, for stress release, for a creative outlet, or just for a yummy treat.