Ok so sometimes people will rush you in life. Your kids, teachers, parents even the dog! Here is a quick decoration that anyone can do AND it will make you look like an award winner.

I get home from my day job around 4:15-4:30 to hear a voicemail asking for a cake to be donated….That night….Seriously people…I’m good, but not that good..or so I thought…

What did I have on hand…two left over colored sugar sheets and a couple of bags of Sixlets candy I bought for halloween. Ok so not what people usually have on hand, but who said I’m usual?

I continue to look around and my quilting is on the table. GREAT!

I bake up a standard cake and get the buttercream into the mixture.. Everyone loves chocolate so I (secret ingredient spoiler follows) put in some packets of hot chocolate mix and run that baby until smooth. Seriously amazing flavor!!

Meanwhile, I use my quilting cutter to cut squares out of the sugar sheets and pray they work. Cake out of the oven, turn off the mixer and run to collect my kid from his afternoon sports and rush back to the house. I cut the cake and fill with some of the icing. Dirty ice or “crumb coat” the cake and get my then six year old to wash and dry his hands. I emptied the Sixlets into a bowl and ask him to do like mommy is doing placing the candies into the side if the cake in neat rows.

I return to cutting the squares and them place them on the cake. Looking at the cake it needs….something….got it. Grab some gel icing, the tube kind from the store and draw lines and dits to gave it a sharper look and done. Fill a piping bag with a tip…ANY tip, and the remaining buttercream. I would had been happy with a sandwich bag with a whole cut in it at that point!

Somewhere in there I am sure I lost years off my life, but I am proud of the finished product. We load it up and deliver by 7:30.

Rave reviews. My lucky husband was not home for the mad rush and he’s lucky cause God knows I’d have snapped at him at least once. However he did get to enjoy the relaxed calm that settles over me when it’s done, and it came out better than I expected!